Thursday, September 22, 2005


Well, I think I've come to a conclusion 2day... IM going to quit drugs. I know i've said it a million times before, and I've tried a couple of times, but now im dead serious. I just realised 2day that prolly more then half of my yearly income goes to drugs. I dont make that much in a year, but stil, half not not much, is halfnotmuch. And I dont really have that to spare. So starting 2morrow(I thought I started today but I rememberd taht I took a hit of acid 2day at around 6.) im done of drugs, im going to have to sell 14 hits of acid, 1 hit of E, and like 3 grams of weed, but Im done, No more fucking drugs!!! Its too damn expencive and way too bad for my health. I know I never gave a rats ass about my health before, but going to a state of mind where I cant even think clearly isnt really helpign me. I thought it was but really it isnt, I gotta start facing my problems instead of hiding behind drugs. So, 2morrow is going to be my first sober day in.... Oh god, I dont even know how long, if I had one in the summer that would be the closest, but I dont think I had any. Anyway, I just had to write this down so I cant go back on it. Well I guess I should say all of my reasons why I should quit drugs.... here goes....
1)As much as I love to be fucked up, I used to love thinking crystal clear, and now im soo fucking stupid I cant even finish most of my sentences. Believe it or not, I used to be smart, I guess you can really tell when I started to do drugs, my math mark for grade 9 was a 95%, for my grade 10 math class I had a 65%. Coincidence?! FUCK NO!
2)Health.... Like I said I was never concerned about my health, but the way im going to quit drugs is to work out every time I think of drugs. So, every day when I come home from work, instead of smoking a boul, im going to do push ups and sit ups till I cant do any more!!!!
3)Laura.... I know she hates them, as much as she tells me shes cool with it, I know she fucking hates it, and I do too, and im finaly going to stop!!!
4)Its too god damn expencive!!! I gotta start saving some money.
5)I guess drugs are dangerouse? Yeah, I always knew that but I figured why not, and now look at me, fuck, I cant rmemeber half of the stuff I do.
6)Tolerance... Im damn sure I've built up a HUGE HUGE HUGE tollerance for weed, I can smoke, and smoke, and smoke, and bearly get high. Its not worth the money I spend... Oh god, and dont get me started on Acid or E. Well, anytime I take 1 pill of E, I get pretty hyper, but its nothign what it used to be, and as far as the acid goes... Well, lets see, I had 5 total yesturday, and I didnt feel the last 2, and I took 1 2day, and I didnt feel one little bit different.
So yeah, I guess those are my main reasons. I have others but those are the most important. So yeah, anyway, I guess thats all I really have to say. so, yeah... I quit! L8a days...


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