Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another day, another dollar....

Well, its now 11:44PM, I got home from work maybe 15-20mins ago, wiht a quart of Rum, and no mix!! Fuck I dont know whats wrong with my bank card, but it better not act up 2morrow, it said some stupid shit when I tried to buy mix at Petro, and when I used the ATM it said some shit, I dont even remember. Anyway....
So last night I got ridiculously drunk. lol, I didnt even drink that much, 7 beers, like 3 joints and a bowl, they werent really spread out in that much time, so thats prolly why I got soo fucked up, but yeah, it was good for what I can remember. I was goign to write in this bout Tony and Dave, cuz I was thinking alot about them last night, just shit that I should have told them but havent yet. Im way too sober to get into that now, i'll try in a couple hours when im hopefully drunk and stoned. ANyway, not too much has happened in the past few days really, besides my comp is a piece of shit, fuck, it took like over an hour to start up 2day, I had to turn it on and off like 5 times just to get it working, but fuck, I dunno, I wont be using it much in a bit anyway, so if theres no blog for a couple of days, its just cuz I really have nothing to say, or my comps a piece of shit and I cant get to this site, so anyway, maybe till later.... l8a days


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