Thursday, September 01, 2005

Yet again, a good night gone bad...

Well, its now 12:15PM, Chris and I are just wakign up at our old place, fuck, sadly now it belongs to Neale, Tommy, Chris and Corey. Anyway, on to last night, fuck it was some fucked! It started off really well, Laura and I went to work for a second so I could talk tosomeone, then we just went for a drive parked for a while to talk and stuff, finally got to talk alot of stuff out. Then we came back to the house and talked a lot more which went really well I think, Even tho she knew that I was kinda messed up, I meant every word of it, thats just how you get on those kidna things, very emotional, anyway,,, Im pretty sure we worked mostly everything out so were both good, I think we've come to the disicion that if I can I'll be heading out West, Im not really 100% sure I want to go yet, and I told her that, but she seems to think that she doesnt want herself to be my only reason for staying, wow, i dont think that made sence, but ya know what I mean, anyway chris is trying to sleep so i'll carry this on later. l8a days


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