Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back from Hali

So I got back from halifax 2day. it was an interesting drive home with my sister, her friend, my aunt, and both of my rents. They mostly talked to sara and asked a hole bunch of questions bout her trip and all that so I got spared most of the talking. But when I got home, wow, thats where my day really got interesting... Laura came over, and we talked for a good while. Now we usuallly talk alot, but as of lately we havent really had time , and I dunno, we just havent really hung around each other for a while, infact I cant remember really the last time we were 2gether just her and I(if ya know what I mean). But yeah we covered lots of grownd 2night, talked bout her stay at her sisters place, and all the stuff they talked about there, that was pretty cool, then we got into Love, and how ppl use it too loosly these days, Damnit, love is a very strong and emotional word, its not to be taken lightly, its serious shit right there. Anyway, we talked bout some other stuff too, it was an all around good night. But anyway, Morgans talking to me, so I should prolly get to her, anyways, l8a days....


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