Monday, August 15, 2005


Hmmm, well, Im kinda drunk, and stoned now:>, finally, I love getting high, anyway, yeah so I was thinking, and after looking at some pictures and pondering some conclusions, I've come to the theory that .... oh fukc, how do I say this, uhhhhmmmm, ok, .....fuck, I dunno, its like, You respect certain ppl for the way they are, its kinda like attitude, but not... I dunno hw to explain, but lets just say I dont think Im really what Lauras looking for, but I have things she likes... Id unno how to explain, fuck, It was soo clear like 4 mins ago, uhh, yeah, well, like I said, I really need to make things interesting with her, we dont do anything out of the ordinary, thats why I think she had such a good tim this weekend, getting drunk with the ppl from work instead of the same old stupid shit at my place, but waht can I do....? fuck, thats exactly what I was talkign about, shes prolly thinking that we'd go out a lot mroe if I was 19, fuck, I hate this shit!!!, god dammnit!!! I need to do something,,, but what the fuck!?!?!? ahh fuck, im getting to flustered, fuck!!!!!!!!


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