Monday, August 08, 2005

A Calm recap...

its 12:42 Am, on sunday the 7th of Auguest. Laura and Morgan just left Barett and I. we just watched a couple movies, anyway, 2day was a sweet day off, first one in a good 2 weeks i'd say, I started it off so well, with a joint, and now im finishing it off good, with an other joint. Uhhh, I think I may be addicted to pot, I love it too much. I'd smoke every minute if I could, thats why im kinda glad I dont have any good connections, or plants or anythign like that, i'd smoke constantly. But yeah, thats not why Im writting in this right now, i gotta recap what I did this wekend. So friday jarod got nice and stoned with me, well saturday night was no differnt... Well, I took a hit at around 9 when I was supposed to get off work, now these were yellow stars, and they were supposedly the "cleanest" ones ever, so says Kenny, and a few other e-tards:P. anyway, I dindt like them, I dindt get hyper, I got like really, braindead.... it was wierd, my senses were all fucked up, but my skin felt soo kool. Anyway, it was wierd, the whole time Jarod was , , , I dont know where, but he was getting drunk with one of our friends Hollye, who was at my place earlyer, but she is kinda wierd.
Wow, just lost train of thought, anyway, me and Kenny sat around waiting for Chris to come home till finally he did, we had a joint I think with him then we all started to burn out, so I decided to go to bed, and I didnt wake up till 3 oclock 2day:) . Smoked a J with Shawn, then did prety much fuck all all day. it was a good time, but yeah, it leaves me to here, where I finished my joint, im writting in this about how good life is right now, and I think im gonna get ready for bed, so heres to an other good night at the house, what little time I have left here... anyway, heres to it.......... L8a days..........


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