Tuesday, August 02, 2005

need sleep....

WOw, im soo fucking tired right now, I think i've prolly had around 10 hours sleep inthe past like week, im soo fucking tired. And it doesnt help that I gotta work fucking 11-12 hour shifts every god damn day!!! fuck, I cant rmemeber my last day off, and my next one isnt till sunday. ah fuck, and every fucking night someone calls me or someones over or something, so I dont get to go to sleep. 2night of corse will be no exception, but I gotta sacrafise one more day for 2night, I havent seen or talked to Pat or Jamison in way too fucking long. Plus I gotta talk to them bout moving out, seein how I have to be out of here by the end of this month. Ah well, im fucking tired still, plus I gotta walk to Mitchs now and pick up my shit, anyways, i'll prolly talk on here later on 2ngiht, if not 2morrow, l8a days


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