Saturday, August 13, 2005

well, Salvia... holy shit

What a fucking fucked up night, well just read the like past 3 blogs:P, but shit really started to get crazy when I finally went to sleep at around , oh fuck I really dont know, lets say 2:30ish? Anyway, I was soo fucking drunk and stoned by that time that I just passed out, then I heard someone laughing so I looked up and Josh L and Jarod were in my room, and they were all like "Man, wake up were gonna do some Salvia, come on, you cant sleep" shit like that, so I was like "Uhhh, guys im pretty fucking stoned and drunk right now" but they wouldnt refuse, so they packed a fresh new boul of Salvia(20X to which they didnt fuckign tell me, lol, what a strong dose for the first time, anyway...) SO being the big shot that I try to be, I smoked the whole fucking boul in one huge hall, they were like "man pass that bong quick, before it hits you and you spillit all over your bed" I was just thinking to myself at that exact moment that theres no way somethign can be that strong, that quickly, but I was rong.... I thought I could handle anything(Which I think I could have handeled that better if I wasnt half asleep, drunk as fuck, and stoned to shit, but hey.. we'll see next time) but anyway, I think I passed the boul to josh, or he took it, either way I just fell right the fuck over and tripped out, I cant really remember much of anything cuz I was too fucked up on other things, but what I do remember was the 2 opposite walls were connected like a big cylender, its hard to explain on here, but lets say instead of there being corners between the walls and the ceiling, there was just a round huge cylender, after taht I think I kinda freaked out and tried to run upstairs, thats when I just remember waking up at 5:30 upstairs to those fuckers laughing their asses off for some reason, I think they were more laughy fucked upthen me, cuz I couldnt speak, I was just kinda watchign them and listening, nothing was really making sence, but it was kinda kool, Anyway, I went to bed after that, and the strangest of all things happened when i woke up. I was still feeling really fucking wierd from that salvia shit, but I woke up and looked at my phone , and right when I turned the light on the phone on to see the time, it went from 8:59 to 9:00 and my alarm went off as the phone was in my hand, kinda creeped the shit out of me, but hey, shit like that just happens. There are no coincidences,,, no fate, just what happens happens... And thats pretty much it, now im gonna sleep a bit before I gotta go back to work. l8a days...


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