Tuesday, August 09, 2005

what a wierd night/day,

Well, I went to work this morning totally straight, then around 11 I smoked a full joint to my self, then aroun 3-4ish I smoked an other one to myself so I was pretty fucked all day, and I managed to piss Laura off by not telling her bout saturday night, I know it was stupid, but I didnt think I needed to inform her of everything... but oh well, I learned my lesson, I just hate how she rubs it in at work, anyway, its all good... But yeah the night turned out relaly good, wow,,, first of all I drank alot and I thought Laura was mad at me, but turns out she comes down to my room and gets down right "friendly;)" wow, that was pretty fucking nice... I dont know how to explain it really, but all I can reallyl say is, wow, that was fucking fantastic!, :P but yeah, so that leaves me here, everyone just left, (jarod, Joey, and josh) and now im gonna go to be, get somtehing like 7 hours sleep, that should be nice, so yeah, till then, l8a days....


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