Saturday, August 13, 2005

Yup, its only 1:45AM

well, yeah, it is only 145 am, I am kidna fucked, only like 5=-6 beers out of me, but iwhH \jOEFn NS VEWRWWRR aARE IN baretts room, they left me like 10 16=14 mins ago, they're pro,llly just doign what ever in his room, I dont care, im durnk enough to listen to my slipknot video, wchish rcoked!!!!! man its awsoem on my sterio, fuck man, I listen to that video every day, and I never get tired of it, fuck he drums fast!!!! anyay I listened to that v ideo and screamed my heart out for every beath, but yeah Jarod should be her ein around 24 mins, I cant ait, hopefully eh'll wannt get drunk and stoend, I just hpe Chris gets h9ome soon so I can smoke hyis weed with me and Jarod, htat'll be kool, hopefuilly jarid swwill smoke, but yeah, Ishould go, since I dont thin this is makgin much succnece, I'll catch ya later, L8a DAYS,


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