Friday, August 12, 2005

bored, drinking at home alone:P

Man im awsome!!! You know your really cool when you come home from work at 10:15 to an empty house and nothing but beer. So here I am, home alone on friday night drinkin by myself!!! Fuck yeah, no distractions. Anyway, well lets see, what did I do last night.... Pretty much nothing, got kinda drunk and really stoned, man we hot boxed the closet sooo goodly last night, fuck there was like 8 of us jammed into that small closet with the doory tacked shut with a blanket, and it was boxed!!! we only had 2 joints and 2 bouls between all of us, but it was soo hot and such a small place that we all got pretty damn stoned. it was kool, and something to do. I was bored as fuck last night, everyone was over, but we were all just watching TV, its only fun for soo long, and I know Lauras getting bored with it too, but I really dont know/cant think of anything for us to do, like really, what can we do just randomly, as somethign interesting to do? I suggested the beach, but I guess she didnt feel like it, so thats kool, but I really have no ideas, im gonna have to brainstorm about this 2night. But yeah, work 2day wasnt bad, expect they woke me up this mornign and told me to get my ass in there ASAP cuz the order was there and Suzanne was swamped with orders, and of corse when I got there, it was just her , and she had like 4-5-6 slips up, and busy as fuck, so I didnt even change or clock in, just went straight to writting the order down and putting it away, I got there at around 9:10, and I didnt get it all done and put away till around 11ish, when everyone else finally got there. Anyway, yeah, thats pretty much it, im just fucking bored as fuck, hopin to shit that someone will show up 2night, just as an in case thing, im gonna get a good buzz on for when/if they get here,lol, anyways, l8a days....


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