Saturday, August 13, 2005

12:52 Am...

Well, were (Me, Barett, and Morgan) are just chillin in my ro om, im kinda stoned/drunk, but I think they're pretty straight, anyway, we're just chillin here in my room, I dunno what exactly what were doing, but hey, its kool.
Anyway, I dont really have anything to repport, but wree just chillin here, im trying to get stuff out of morgan, but shes not saying much, just stuff I already knew, but yeah, I gotta find what makes Laura tick, I really wannna know something that she really likes so I can try to make her happy. I really want to find something that makes her go crazy, I dont care what it is, I wanna do it, anyway, i'll do my best, but anyway, I shoudl go cuz Mporgan is trying to talk to me, so I guess I should say later days, l8a days...


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