Monday, August 15, 2005

FUCKK!!!!, im fucked

Well shit, I just found out 2day that.... Mitch and Kevin found a room mate, Kenny cant be financially ready until atleast October, Jamison and Pat are fucking dumbfucks and wont be able to move out either, and even Rob from work found a place, so everyone that I was relying on to move out with are all taken, or not available, so, in 16 days, im either gonna be on the street, or hopefully a one bedroom place, which Im really thinking hard on, cuz it would be pretty damn cool tohave my own place. I've been lookign and I have 3 in mind, I might call them 2morrow, see what I can do, but yeah anyway,,, I dunno how things are really going right now, im very very confused about lots of things.... Like I really dunno whats going on with Laura and I. I think we kinda hugn out too much for a while there, cuz I think Laura had an awsome weekend this weekend, she went out with some ppl from work and shti, and finally drank, which is cool for her I guess, but yeah, I havent seen her outside of work since either thursday or friday, anyway,, I dunno, I guess im just lonely without her. Anyway, I have the next 2 days off, and I doubt she'll have any energy after shes been working all day, so I prolly wont see her till wednesday, ah well, I guess i'll see her when I see her.
Anyway, Barett and Morgan are upstairs watchign Butterfly Effect. I didnt want to intrude on anything so im just sitting here in my room, but Im soo fucking bored, why the fuck isnt Kenny here? ah, well, anyway, Im just gonna go drink my face off, atleast beer never turns me down, god damnit I cant wait till the 23rd, fuck I need weed!!!! but damnit I gotta prove that I can go till then, I dotn care how much it kills. anyway, back to drinkin, so l8a days....


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