Saturday, August 20, 2005


Yup, I finally cracked 2day, I had to call in work and say I couldnt come in, fuck I felt like shit this mroning, holy crap, like wow, I cant remember the last time I've felt soo shittty, anyway, i'll brb, Barett and I are gonna brew some tokes, maybe that'll make me feel better....
Back, Ok, its now 6:56, I started this a while back, it was like 4:30, lol, well Barett and I did those tokes then we watched TV for a while, and discussedblack holes and galaxy's and universes, it was prety interesting, anyway, after that we went upstairs and Barett played some Fable, it looks like one crazy ass game, but fuck it looks way to complicated, anyway, now im back here in my room, feeling alot better then I did earlyer. I think those tokes made me feel alot better, altho it feels like im on a constant rollercoaster:P, fuck my head has been spinning since like 3 AM this morning when I woke up the first time, I couldnt sleep all fucking day, it was wierd, yeah, but anyway, fuck I hope Joeys not too pissed bout me callin in sick 2day, I just hope I feel good enough to go 2morrow, but yeah, if I dont go to halifax with Laura and Steph on monday, I might see if I can get my tatto, thats if I have enough money, infact im prolly not gonna get that, nevermind, but yeah Rob found this kool apartment on Burns ave, which is sweet cuz its pretty close to work, prolly like1-2 mins longer then the walk I have now, plus it looks like a pretty sweet place, prety cheap, laundry, shit like that, anyway, I hope we get it, we'll find out monday,but yeah I should be able to find something sometime, anyway, im gonna try to redraw my tattoo for the final copy, so till next time, l8a days..


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