Monday, August 29, 2005

What a night....

OK... Well, our last big party(sorta, we have one last one wednesday) happnend last night, and man was there ever a fuckload of ppl there!!!!, The house was totally trashed 2day but i'll get to that later. So we started drinking early, I have no idea what time it was I just drank and drank and drank. The wine was gone before 12 which totally blew my mind, like what the fuck!? that was a shitload of wine man!!!! Anyway, I had prolly a dozen or so cups of wine, 7 cold shots, a few other drinks that Evan and others gave me, so I was well off/way too drunk to remember much, but heres the main highlights(well they must be highlights if I remembered them)
- Finally cleared up everything between Laura and I which was great cuz I was getting worried, turns out we really just need to have some alone time, and she needed it, cool cool.
- Uhh, Pat and Jamison came over and drank with me and ended up passing out on my floor which was wicked!!! so I talked to them for a while, straightened everything out with them and stuff so we're all good.
- I JUMPED THROUGH THE DOOR!@!!!! it was crazy and I really shouldnt of tried but it happened. Kevin said it would be cool if someone could jump through there, and as drunk as I was I thought it was the most fantastic idea ever!!!1 so I tried, and got it first try!!!1 it was sweet, a nice little dive roll out of the house, clear the step and everything, I guess ppl thought it was something cool, but I didnt think it was that cool, just a good idea. anyway......
- Barett and I had a talk!!!! Im glad he told me the things he did, I really think I needed to hear some of it cuz man, its been just him and I all summer, hes been my closest friend all summer, and a great roomate, Hes helped me out soo much this summer with all those stupid little things that you need help with and im glad I was with him this summer, I dont htink it would have been the same with out him. Then we started talking pretty deep bout lots of different things like, Laura and Morgan, Mostly talked bout Laura which was cool cuz he finally told me his full honest opinion of her, wasnt quite what I was expecting, but nothing too surprising, wierd enough we think a lot alike.... lol, nope not getting into any details. Then we started talkin bout Dave and how much we miss him, then he told me how I wasnt just Daves little brother, I was acutelly Matt, which meant alot to me cuz I know that everyone sees me as Matty, Daves little brother, as much as they all say im my own person, to them I know im still Daves little shadow, but anyway... Then he told me stuff I really didnt know, like how much he respected me even though I've told him all my deep secrets bout my wrist and shit, which was also good to know/hear. Anyway, this is long enough speel bout Barett, he also told me that we're gonna have to have some good talks before we move out, which I really hope happens, I have wednesday off so I'll see if he'll wanna talk all tuesday night, hopefully i'llhave some weed for then. But yeah, thats that.
- Uhh lets see what else happened,.,,, Jarod came over!!! I dont really remember seeing or talking to him much, but I do remember that Jarod, Jamison, Pat and I all smoked a Joint for old times sake, and Im pretty sure it was awsome!!!!
-Uhh, Oh yeah, I talked with Kevin and Mitch, and Scotto and Craig, and I guess they all said I can crash at their places when ever, I told them that I was moving back to cornwall so I might stay in town for like 2 days in a row, then go home, then come back kinda thing, I dunno we'll see how it works out.
- I guess thats pretty much it, oh yeah, fuck what a rough sleep, I must of woken up like 4-5 times and ran upstairs to puke, brush my teeth, then come back down and try to sleep, but Im pretty sure I woke up Laura every time, fuck I felt like an idiot, I shouldnt of asked her to stay last night, she prolly didnt get any sleep, Uh, I just really wanted to fall asleep holding her again, for one last time in this house, but I screwed that up, anyway, im sure we'll have more times 2gether. So yeah I guess thats pretty much it, my night was kinda crazy, and hazy, but I guess it was a good time. Lol, work was a bitch 2day, and I had to close but its all good, im just waiting for a phone call to get some pot and then im gonna head to bed, So till 2morrow, l8a days....


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