Saturday, August 27, 2005

A bad day, gone worse, now ok...

Well, I woke up this morning kinda upset, of last night and all, I didnt really describe that too well but you get the just of it. But yeah, she kidna noticed that I wastn talkign to her all day and stuff, so near the end of the night she comes up to me and says shes leaving and asks what im doing 2night, of corse I say nothign, cuz thats what I do every night, and she says shes doing the same and for me to call her when I get off work. So after I have to fucking close work, I called her as I was walking out into the parking lot, it takes like 4-5 rings then she answers and I was her what shes up to and she says "sitting in a car with 2 friends".... sitting in a car with 2 friends? do these friends have names? anyway, I was kinda really mad from a long shitty day so I wasnt really in the mood to even try to talk so I ended the call as fast as I could then skated home hoping to fuck someone would try to pick a fight wiht me, god I felt like beating the fuck out of something, I was just in the mood to freak out, I dunno what it was but anyway,,, fuck it... But anyway after all that shit of a day happened, Jamison and Pat came over!!! I kidna half caught up whti them, and squared some shit off, I guess they have wanted to talk to me and stuff but,,, we'll fin dout soon enough when I move into Adams in cornwall. Speeking of, Pats gonna call this supposedly really nice place and ask if we can have it to rent, supposedly its a sweet duplex and stuff, and I told him if he could for sure get it and find out everything blah blah blah that i'd blow off James for his place, (James and I have a place booked for November). So yeah im kinda hoping that Pat gets thi splace, cuz I'd really like to move in and get back with those guys. But anyway due time will tell, plus i'll be in Adams place for a bit too so.... yeah ,till then L8a Days.


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