Tuesday, September 06, 2005

great night.....

So last night was Lauras "last night of summer". So of corse I kinda wanted to do something special, but of corse, me being who I am, had absolutely nothing planned, and no ideas of what to do. So we did what we always do: talk for a while, then go "talk" more in bed. Things got pretty interesting... lol, nope, sorry, no details. Anyway, thats pretty much all I have to say bout that.

So Lauras back to school 2morrow!!! fuck 2day is her last work day, well, during the week that is. So I really dont know how much I'll be seing her considering the crazy amount of time shes gonna be in school, let alone the little time she'll have out of school. Uhh, I just hope that I still get to see her. Ah well, time will tell....

Anyway, im just sitting at my parents house right now... Doing laundry cuz for some reason my power is out at my place, go figure, anyway, im here but no one else is, its kinda wierd. anyway, I think im gonna go cut my hair now:P. I'll be back later. l8la days


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2:10 p.m., September 06, 2005  

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