Monday, September 05, 2005

Internet still isnt up

Fuck, I payed 80$ on this stupid wireless connection shit that doesnt even work! Fuck, it sjust my comp oviously, cuz theres 3 wireless comps running in this place, Anyway,,, on to other things....
So I still havent got taht fucking info from Rob yet... kinda pissed bout that, but kinda not, I really wanted to go, but I really want Laura, and every day I jump back and forth to which one I want more.... some days Laura and I will talk at work and then thats pretty much it, and I dont get to see her outside of work, but other days(like 2day) we got along great at work, then when she was leaving, she asked if I'd call her later, so i did, then she came ober for like almost 3 hours, it was great to talk to her again, fuck, it was soo long since we could just be 2gether, her and I, with no distractions... Anyway, all and all, it was a good night!

So yeah, these past few days have been pretty laid back, not much has really happened at all, just working and long bike rides home! fuck I hate livign in Cornwal.. soo far away.... But anyway, im kinda seeing Pat and Jamison more! thats cool, I hugn out with Pat last night, and Jamison showed up later on. And 2night they called me and asked if I wantd to do something, but Laura was over and I havent spent enough time with her lately(not realy my fault). Anyway, I just hope everythings cool with her, sometimes I get the feeling that shes just staying wtih me till I leave, thats a really shitty feeling! Its wierd, cuz I soo still wanna be here, and with her, but I really think that she thinks im gonna go for sure, and I really do not know if I will leave or not, so, if I dont leave, what will be left for me? Uh, anyway, Evans talking to me, and Im kinda bord, so im gonna go smoke some hoots, then maybe if I have energy i'll go to the store,, mmmmmmm store...... l8a days


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