Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ok, lets try a sober recap....

OK, its Wednesday at 1:57PM. I woke up at around 1:00PM 2day. Ok. soo... Monday.... Monday was my day off so of corse I slept in all day, and eventeully I went to my rents place for Supper, that was kinda cool, and very sweet to have a home cooked meal for once. Then before I even left there, Emily called me... Oh god, I really did not see that comin, So she picked me up from my rents place and we went back to my house. We ended up talking for like a couple of hours, just about random shit and stuff, it was kinda hard to do again, but I thought things were all good. Then like halfway though her visit she says she forgot something in the car that she had to give to me, so I waited for her to come back and she walks in with one of those huge yellow envolopes. So I asked her what was in it and shti and she told me that I wasnt allowed to open it till she left and stuff. So I told her I wasnt even going to open it and just through it in the garbage cuz I didnt want anything back that I gave her. Anyway, for some reason I kinda did want to know what was inside, so I went to the bathroom and "sneakely" took it with me and opened it up. And what was inside!? Every single note I gave her, along with stuff that she wrote in school, for schoool, about ME!!!, and the like only 1 picture we had of us 2gether. Ha, it was either a photocopy, or she printed it out on her comp cuz it was all red and stuff. Its sad cuz I have that same god damn picture on my computor in full color. I know she ripped up her real copy after we broke up, cuz she told me, but I know that mine is still at my rents place in my old room. I just cant wait to go back there and rip it up. Anyway, so yeah,,,, then she starts going on about little shit everywere, just stupid little shit that I really didnt want to hear/talk about. Then after all that shit, when she leaves she asks me for a hug, cuz she "prolly wont ever see me again". Fuck off, your god damn right I'll never see you again. Fuck. what a fucking bitch, why the fuck did I need all that shit? Come on, I was really happy just not thinking about it. Now its right in my face. Well you know what Emily? good for you, im glad you moved on and all that shit, just dont rub it in my face, Im having a rough enough time as it is right now. Anyway, for some stupid fuckign reason I red through the shit she wrote once, and only once before I though everything out. I didnt bother reading the notes I gave her, fuck that, whats the point. But hey, I guess I did get something out of the whole thing... Thats one loose end that I dont have to fix before I leave, fuck that, everythings done to me when it comes to her, as far as im concerned I never have to see or speek to her again. So I guess I should say thanks, thanks Emily for ripping my heart out.
Anyway, enough on that subject. So yeah, yesturday was interesting, I know I tried to explain it in the last blog I wrote last night, lol, but I red it this morning and it really doestn make any sence at all. So here goes.... Yeah I woke up at 8, worked at 9, that was alright just doing prep at shit, then James came in and I tempted him with some acid, but he refused, so I figured why not take one, so I took one at around 11:30 or so, had a good little blast with that for a while, lots of crazy shti happened, like all of us in the kitchen to goof off and shit, it was awsome, then around 2ish James and I clocked out and we all went outside to hack. Then I took an other hit and we all hacked for a while, then James and I went to the bar to chill till 5 when we had to clock back in. So we were bored as fuck just sitting there doing nothign, so I tried to freak him out by stapleing my arm, lol, they thought it was the acid, but it really doesnt hurt that much, so after I freaked James out for a bit, and showed Rob, we went back on clock for 5, and worked the rest of the day. Durign that time we lost the keys to the basement so I climbed over one of the walls to the storage room( really cool shit on top of ceiling tiles, kinda tight quarters but still..). Then I guess the only other cool thign that happened was taking an other hit at around 6, had a good rest of the day, then when we closed at like 10:10, Rob, Dawn and I enjoyed a beer and a bowl before I raced home in a fucking rainstorm!! Fuck it poured last night!!! like I mean rained hardcore!!!! anyway, I was dripping dripping wet when I got home, then took 2 more hits. So that was 5 all day, but I dont think I shoulda took the last 2 cuz I dont think I really even felt them. Anyway, so yeah, thats prety much a good recap of the last 2 days. Oh yeah, well I guess I forgot to mention Adam and I smoked a boul too when I got back and played Halo 2 till around 3, and we ordered pizza. But yeah, thats all thats it. Now I gotta bike into work somewhat early so I can buy some fucking shoes!! god damnit I need some new shoes. So yeah, thats the plan for 2day, so there goes... Anyway, Im gonna go get play some Xbox with Adam, L8a days...


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