Thursday, September 29, 2005


Well, I just got off the phone with Dave from a 35 mins, and 58 seconds call. And from that, I do believe that I will be going out to Alberta. He assured me that I will be able to get a job no problem with him, and he pretty much has a place now, soo.... Why the fuck not? whats keeping me here? a once a week visit from Laura is the only thing I look forward to all week. And now im even wondering if its worth it. As much as I love her, she can do way better, and will soon enough. For when I leave, im gone. Maybe to never return, I think Daves plan is to come back for next summer, and depending on how his time up there goes till then, he might stay back here, but as for me, I dont know... I'd really like to escape this regular simple life(LOL SIMPLE LIFE, like its simple here, but you know what I mean. The same bullshit day after day, I really want to get away from it all and start a new life) So... Depending on how much money I save, (which should be a fair amount by that time) Im thinking its a 95% chance of me going. I havent told anyone yet, and I dont think I will, except Laura of corse, and my rents cuz they're the only ones can hold onto my stuff till we get an adress and I can pay for them to send my stuff over. So yeah, I do honestly believe that thats the plan. I'll bring my cloths and my cloths alone. Everythign else I'll ahve to pick up there. which Im really looking forward to. So yeah thats that.
Earlyer 2day I mentioned in my other blog about the funky ass dreams I've been having lately. I dunno exactly why i've been having them, well the one last night was prolly cuz I was drunk as fuck, and I woke up in the middle of the nigth and had 2 "Pain-Aid"'s, those things ar fucking strong, and I love them for it. but yeah, the dream I had last night was fucking fucked !!! It started off with me at the house, but the house was different, it wasnt finished. For some reason the upstairs was all fine, but the downstairs had no walls at all, like it was just being built. Anyway, there was a huge "brawl" if you will.... And for some reason, the only person who was on the "bad side" was Kenny, everyone else who goes to the house(Jeff, Barett, Chris, Tommy, Neale, everyone) was fighting to keep the house, but there was just soo many ppl fighting everywere, but for some reason no one was trying to hurt me, and for some reason I wasnt doing anythign either, it was wierd... Everyone could see me, and I could see them, but for some reason I coudlnt touch them, and they couldnt touch me. ANyway, after this huge brawl was finished and the "bad guys" won, Baretts family came and jsut started fixing up the house. it was wierd as fuck, like they knew it was coming and they just started fixeing everyting, and rebuilt the house. Like what the fuck!? Anyway taht one was fucked, but the dream before that... Wow.... the night before I had this wierd ass dream taht I was tied to a bed in a room i've never seen before and Laura walked in.... NOw this is where it gets good.... She was wearing some kind of school girls uniform or something, and she said she had a surprise for me.... Then thigns got really interesting as she started taking everything off... God damnit she looked soo damn sexy, anyway, eventuelly all she was wearing was 2 pony tails, glasses and high black socks(I dont know where that came from, but tahst all she was wearing....) then she said its time... then Morgan wlaked in wearing the same thing(socks and glasses:P)... then when they both got on the bed I woke up... Like what a mood killer, fuck!!!! what a dream that woulda been, lol, anyway, I was meaning to write that down the second I woke up so I wount forget, cuz damn I really didnt want to forget that metal image, cuz thats for sure never going to happen, Although Laura does have those same glasses.... hmmmmm..... anyway, thats pretty much it. And no Laura, I wasnt thinking about Morgan that way, I dont even know why she was in my dream, but you did look better, no affence to morgan, but I do like Laura more then anyone else in this world... Anyway, thats it, so till 2morrow, or maybe later 2night, im getting kinda drunk so... L8a days...,


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