Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Damn bike....

So I woke up 2day at 4:30.... 4:30PM!!!! Well Iwas sstill kinda tired from not much sleep and shit, plus Adam and I were up till around 5:30 this morning, so I guess I did kinda need some more sleep, but still. Anyway, I started to bike in and wouldnt ya know, the only time that I was running late, my bike chain broke.... right when I was starting to go up the Cozway hill. so I got off and looked at it for a couple mins and miraculously enough my dad was driving by and stopped. so he gave me a lift to work and said he'd take my bike home and try to fix it. So after work he picked me up and said that my bike was really messed up and he did the best he could do, but I really shouldnt drive it cuz the breaks are shot to shit. which I already knew but what ever, so he gave me one of the other bikes, so for now im gonna drive that. Anyway, when we got back to the house(my rents place) mom was in bed, and dad went to bed, so I talked to Sara for about 10 mins till she went to bed, so I wrote them a little note about how I wanted to talk to them sometime, and told them that I had 2morrow and thursday off, so hopefully they'll call me sometime and i'll finally be able to get my shit off my chest and tell them the stuff i've always wanted to. Anyway we'll see how that goes... SO yeah, I guess thats pretty much all I need to say right now, ohh yeah, Cry_Wolf, CRAZY MOVIE!!!, I saw it last night with Laura, and it was fucking amazing!!! she didnt really like it that much, but I thought it was crazy, The plot was cool and everything, but who ever wrote that movie was a fucking genious!!! ANyway, im gonna look to download it soon, but im most likely gonna see it again before it leaves theatres. ANyway, thats it, so till 2morrow, im still drug free... L8a days.


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