Sunday, October 02, 2005

Fuck Everything

Ok,so its now 2:49 AM, I jus ttalke to Adam forf proly the last 2 hours,and I dont htink I got through to him, I told him all abut thers no god damn point to anyhtin in life because everyint leeasds to oine thing, and that onle thing is nohting ,really, what thse point of life, mostly its to pass on your species and make thise whole "galasy, or lplanet what ever ytou wanna call it, one dominANT speciesds, and what sthe point of that? NOTHINT, Eve ntuelly when therss nothing left but one species, it will tkae over itssellf, and when that hppanes, tnohing withlll happn, so w2hat was the point? Nohting, Fuk,c [ppl havr to bee soo gpod damn stupid not to ose that th4eres no point to anything!!!! fuck, anyway, if Adamn could only explain howI just explained taht, it would be great, c uz it took oever 3 hours to explain to him, and hes st9lll doesnt de the trus thtat theres nopoint o anythint!! really, what the fuk, thers no god damn poin to livein, dieying, passing one your race, passing on your knolege, NOTYING, theres no god dman point, cuz when you die, and th-ppl you've toughtg die, what do you have? Old meemories, or old points, THeres no god damn point to anythingg... Ahh fuck, I've had 6 maybe \7 nbeers, and a;l I can do is thinlk how happy i'll ve when I leave this god damn island and get the fuck off thiw rock, wqell fuck it, thers no god dman point to it, so why botyer? cuz it'll make my life easyer? well wy not end it now and say fuckit? relal? I doin know the point pof life, but Inow the point lificinving/ its to reproduce and helop the reace evolve... Why tyho? what te fuk is the point? I trie dto tell Adam, whsay the fuk is the pooint of life? and hecouldnt tell me, and I cusre as fufk csant think o f anyting, sore ally whats the poin of life,? if someponne can tell me, please do, I really want to know, anyway, i too fuckked upfright now, and im gonna have a showre so fuck life, fucke you wal,a nd fuck ecverythintg, l8a days...s


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