Monday, July 09, 2007


So, its now Monday, July 9th... and wow, what a fucking weekend..... Shit man, Where to start....OK,,, so Thursday after we got home from work at 8AM... (nice little 16 hour day again... cmbination of last week, I had 32 hours in 2 days... sweet eh)I went to sleep till around 5PM to which Teri Calls me and says shes not coming over that night because some of her friends from away are in town and she wants to see them and stuff.. so thats cool, I figure I'll just see her 2morrow... So anyway, we start our night like normal, with lots of drinks and some smoke.... People are coming over and stuff... Then Teri calls and says shes can come over for the night... So of corse I'm all over that, I mean, I love when she comes over and I want her to come over as much as she can... But she says shes' tired and prolly wont' be up long... I'm cool with that, and we went to bed pretty early.... Now this is where things get kinda fucked up... Now I was a little drunk, But I really don't remember anything bad happening that night... But when we woke up in the morning, she got all ready to leave and stuff, then she just asks me stuff like, so you really like me and stuff... and ofcorse I do, and I said I did.. and she said she didn't beleive me... Then when she was just about to leave she says "do you not even care about me anymore" So I said "Come on Teri, do you really think I don't care about you?" And she didn't even answer me,,,, she just walked out the door.... So really I don't know what to think here... I mean, I don't think that I did anything rong... and if I did, I have no idea what it is..... (Maybe...MAYBE, because I forgot to set the alarm that morning.... Like really, I'm sorry, but both of us really forgot.... But theres no way she can be mad at that... like that mad over something soo small??? No, its gotta be something else..... Anyway So that was Friday night, kinda ate away at me all weekend... but I tried not to let it show.... Anyway

Saturday night was UFC.... Now I got Josh's projector from him for the week... so UFC was AWSOME!!!! Got all of us right into the mood, So ofcorse I got Jake to spar with me, which was sweet, it turned out to be a pretty damn good fight to watch.... Yeah I got it all on tape and edited it all up and shit... its on Youtube and facebook right now, so yeah, Saturday was really sweet.. Then Sunday was the relax and recooperate day.... Holy fuck did I ever need it! My neck and arms, and back, everything was fucking sore!!!!

So yeah, that was my weekend.... and now its Monday,,, and I'm kinda worried bout Teri.... Cuz I really think this could be it,,, I don't know why,,, I just have a really bad feeling.... and its shitty because this is tottally going to fuck me over for a while,,,, I can see it... I don't know what it is,,, but this isn't going to end well..... I really hope it doesn't end here... but I don't know man, something about the way Teri was acting on Friday night and Saturday morning when she left man... it was just wierd... like there was something else wrong.... She really just didn't seem like herself..... I dunno, maybe I'm blowing this all out of perportion, and shes not really mad... or I dunno... I just hope things get better... I hope neither of us do anything stupid to jeoperdize what we have going.... anyway,,,, I'm going to start making some food for work 2night... till later... L8a Days...


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