Wednesday, June 13, 2007


So yeah, Its like 6:15 AM and I only got off work an hour ago... not too shabby, a nice little 13 hour day..., yeah twas pretty sweet, although Cooper was pissing me off again... shit man, hes such a lazy bitch man! Like, he thinks hes doing us a favor by coming in super early and stuff.. Fuck what an idiot, the time you put in isn't whats going to help, its how much you put into your time... Like fuck man, after he left work 2day, I checked out his time card(Ratty I know) and he spend 7 hours to spray 1 piece!!!! 1 PIECE!!! I know like 2 hours of that was setting up the DJ, , fuck man that dude's such a fucking moron!!! Like he just can't figure anything out for himself... Or he doesn't want to, Or hes too lazy, I dunno what it is, all I know is every time he has a problem, he never tries to fix it himself, he comes straight to me and gets me to tell him what I think, most of the time I just do what ever is needed when i know how, but even when I don't know how I still try to figure it out, and like 9 times out of 10, I figure it out... I know I could really move up in that place if I really put my mind and time to it, but sometimes those little things just piss me off to no end! that plus I can't figure out what I want to do in my life yet.... like sometimes I think( I was thinking mostly of this all day 2day at work) that I'd really like to buy a house with Teri, and and move in with her and Zoa, start a family, get my life on track and do all that... Like Man, it makes so much sense!!!! We love each other, we could get past anything I think.. I know it would be a huge adjustment to live with each other, but really, I know we could make it work! I really do.... but yeah, back to the making sense part,, Like we could both benefit greatly from it, in many ways... lets try to list some here

- Living with Teri and Zoa, I wouldn't smoke half as much weed, so I'd be saving money there, plus getting healthier from not smoking it.
- I'd also prolly be eating better (hoping that Teri would buy groceries if I gave her money for me)
- I could try to help Teri raise Zoa(if a) she wanted me to, or b) if she'd let me)
- We could start getting the things we've both always wanted, and really start to work towards building a family/home.

Alright I know I could think of more, but thats alright for now...
DUDE!!!!! I'm so excited to go home for this Canada Day, and really, its not for Canada so much, or the people I'm going to see, or the drinking and partying.... I just can't wait to see Westwood again...To walk down those paths, and go to the dock, and the picnic table, and see if that huge ladder thing Dave and I made is still there... , I dunno, just to see and feel, and be in that forest again.. I can't wait for it! I really do miss that place sometimes... A Vacation is going to be nice...

Hahahah, just had a total random thought!!! LOL , While I'm home, I think I may have to make a visit to Mikes Restaurant..... See whose still working there.. If I know anyone...

Dude yeah, the weekend of Canada is going to kick some major major ass!!!! Like shit man, I'm going to have to not sleep just to see everyone and do everything I want. Shit man, it should be a good fucking time!!!
Alright dude, I'm out for now.... I'm going for a shower then bed I think. till later... L8a Days


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