Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yeah. so its 2:50AM,,, I left work at like 10:30PM last night... Anyway, I'm trying to get my video from Brad's comp.. but shit the transfer rate is so frigen slow!!!! But yeah, I'm thinking that June could be another experiment month.... I may quit smoking weed for the month again just to save a few extra buxx.... I'm also thinking on doing my excercises, and maybe work out a bit nightly,,, just to see if that'll get me started on a regular basis work out thing.... If it goes well for the month, i'll continue,,, if I hate it, I'll just stop, but I find that monthly trials work really well,,, just commit fully for 1 solid month..... But anyway... I had a few things to write about here, but I honestly can't remember them now.. so for now, I'm out... L8a days


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