Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally ordered my computer

Yup, so its done, I've finally ordered my computer! picked up a dest and chair on the weekend too, so i'm all set up ready for that computer to arrive!!! But yeah besides that other things that are new include...
a)Jake and I went bungie jumping on the weekend... Friday afternoon we decided to go, so that was frigen cool as hell, got some good footage of it. so thats neat, I can't wait till my comp gets here so i can start editing finally...
b) Teri and I got into a little "curfluffle" I guess you'd say, more so a missunderstanding, but its all resolved now... man, i'm really looking forward to not this coming weekend, but the next, my b-day weekend... wow, its going to be intence!!! Going to Banff with Teri for the weekend... its going to be amazing... but anyway, I'm just going to go upstairs and make some food, I'll start writting in this daily when I get my computer in my room and everything again... but till then, L8a Days..


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