Friday, March 16, 2007

work, work, work, work , WEEKEND!!!!

Yeah, SO this work week was pretty crazy, well not till the last two days, but yeah,,,, So Monday and Tuesday were regular days, 10 hours both nights... Then Wednesday to Thursday I worked a 16 hour shift.... I was going to go for the 20, and I could have done it, but they told me I would have had to come in Thursday night regardless, so I said fuck it and went home at 8AM., yeah, then last night till this morning (Friday) I worked a little 11 hour shift. So, yeah, a good like 47 hour week, not too shabby for a 4 days of work.... And now its the WEEKEND!!!!, So 2night I'm hoping to go do something with Teri, but she hasn't called back yet, Then 2morrow I'm heading to Red Deer with the Firebrands, so that should be the shit!!!!but yeah, Dollars here so I`m gonna go for now, till later,,,, L8a Days...


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