Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What A Wakeup Call

Woww!!!!! wow, wowowowowow, I dont know how else to describe it really.... this feeling of... I dont know what, but wow... Shes soo amazing its like for every second I'm with her, I'm in heaven... Her body is just so perfect, her lips are like silk. Ohh, anyway, yeah, so as you read from my blog early early this morning, my nervousness has left.... So yeah, I ended up falling asleep somewere betwee 4:30 and 5 I think, and didnt wake up till my alarm at 8:30, so then I went upstairs, started to write a note to leave on the door, then just as I go to put it on the door... There she is, walking up my driveway.... So I left her in my room while I showered,,, Then well, after the shower at like 9 till around 11:45ish, was by far the best 3ish hours I've had this whole time I was home... Oh god if only I could have her, I'd never let go.....But yeah, enough about that, she might get embrassed, so i'll leave the names outof this.... But to you, you know who you are... I love you. You tell me I cant, and I shouldnt, but I wont listen, I can't not love you...

But yeah, just had to write this down.... So yeah, till later .... L8a Days...


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