Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Stealing... Now Keep in mind that everything I'm about to say, and always say is my own opinion, so if you take any offense to what I say... ... ... Well theres really nothing you can do about it now is there, but if it helps, sorry in advance.

Stealing. Its just plain wrong!!! Like, the whole concept of it. It could just be the fact that I'm over analyzing it, but just think of every company/employee/personal, anyone whose worked to make, or sell what your stealing. Your reaping all the benefit. Its just not right. And for people to just be so open about taking stuff, and pretending like its a joke. Its just pathetic in my eyes... Like today for example, J-Rod and I were changing in the change room at the end of the day, and Jarod looks over to see a pair of sunglasses, so he picks them up and shows them to me, says they're pretty cool and shit, then says, "man I should take these". I was like, what? They're obviously someone who works here's sunglasses. They're gonna notice, and they're gonna be pissed. Now just imagine if that was you who left your sunglasses there for a night and showed up the next day to find them gone! Like, thats just how I see most things these days, How would you feel if the tables were turned... I think that way before I say or do anything really. And its a good way to go, I believe that I'm a better person for it, and Thus I am Proud to say I Do NOT Steal. The End....


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