Friday, November 24, 2006

1 Month till Christmas EVE!!!!

Just think... In 1 month from 2day, I'll be back on PEI sleeping in my old bed waiting for Christmas morning to arrive.... Man I'm kinda looking forward to going home again... I was really content with being out here, but now that I have my ticket home and lots of things to look forward to, I'm stoked!!!! So yeah, thats pretty much all that I wanted to say, besides that I didn't go to work 2day and only now just realized that I probably lost like 150$ on my paycheck just for missing this 1 day... But anyway, its all good, I'm pretty sure I still have 91 hours on this check with out going in 2day... So screw it... But yeah, just wanted to remind everyone that its 1 month till Christmas Eve, and I'm super excited to go home~! Anyway, till later, L8a Days...


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