Thursday, November 09, 2006

Still Alive!!!

Yup so Im here sitting in our house, well I guess new house... We've been in here for almost 1 full month now but anyway.... SO yeah, We (Dave, J-Rod, Brad and Jake) scored this sweet sweet house. SO for the next year atleast we'll be here...
SO anyway, its been a long time since my last post and I must say alots hapened in the time gone by.... We got the house... WOrking like crazy!!! finally got some furniture and other stuff, so the house is starting to look like a real house. Sorry, but no computor yet.,, I might just have enough money on my next paycheck to buy one, but im not sure, we'll see how much cash I have left after I hopefully buy my plane ticket home for christmas... SO yeah thats the plan for now... SO just to make sure everyone knows Im still alive, Living in Edmonton, in a sweet sweet house, so if anyone feels like a vacation, you can come stay with us for a while, we have an awsome spot.... ANyway, Im really spaced out and cant keep my train of thought for the life of me, but Im heading out, L8a days, and I'll TRY TO update more often....


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