Thursday, December 07, 2006


Yeah, I have no specific topic, or any real ideas to talk about right now... I'm just sitting here on the computer trying to think of anything to do. I figured and update is always a good idea. So I checked my "Facebook" thing... like, what the hell man, theres a new chatting thing every fucking month man,... last few months it was hi5, then.... shit man, I don't know , but theres so many!!! But anyway, some day that I wake up early enough to spend some time on the computer before I go to work, I'll have to explore this "facebook" site, see who all I can find, and what all it does... But for now I'll just accept these "friend Invitations".
But yeah, besides that, works going fine... Kinda boring, kinda slack. I royally fucked up a $4000 piece 2day... Just because I forgot to turn the water back on to cool my gun... so when I started it, it started to melt the gun slowly as it got hotter and hotter... lol, Then the nozzle hole got so big the flame was just shotting wildly. But it was the coolest color of green. But anyway, Corey got a new one and told me to take this as a learning experience, and NEVER DO IT AGAIN. So thats all good. Then Cooper gave us a lift home, so now I just finished my shower, now I'm about to have some food, then head to bed... so with that... I'm out. L8a Days...


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