Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Long time... No Updates....

Yeah, so its like February 12th and I haven't updated in like almost a month... But really I have nothing big to report.... Well, like 2 weekends ago I went to Scotty's parents place for the weekend. That was cool, got to ride some ski-doos for a while, Played lots of "Gears Of War" on their 72 in flat screen HDTV... Fuck that was nuts!!!
Then this past weekend on saturday night we finished off Jakes acid, which was fucking funn as hell!!! I got everyone to put the boxing gloves on to take me, but everyone must not have been feeling it as much as I was, cuz I had energy to burn!!!! That plus we watched a shitload of UFC earlyer that day... But yeah, I kicked everyones asses... Jakes, Mitchs, And a few other ppl I can't remember.... But yeah Mitch and Juice came up to see us, that was cool, they just stopped in tho, they're on their way to Grand Prary to work and live with Kevin I think... But yeah that was this past weekend... And now its Tuesday morning... only 3 days till Payday... But my money is all going into saving for the computor that Brads built for me online... But I'm thinking that after next paycheck(not this one on friday, but March 2nds' check) I should have enough for it.... Kinda sucks thats its almost 3000$$$... But almost everything in it is top of the line... So its gonna be a damn good comp... Then that'll be step 1 to completing my room... Once my comps ordered, I'll buy a computor desk a few days after,... Then a paycheck or 2 after that I'll prolly get either my digital camera, or the Projector... I don't know which one I want more.... Prolly the projector, but we'll see when the time comes... I may be happy with my 19 inch wide screen... But yeah, so thats about it... I mean once I have my computer in my own room and everythign I'll be updating daily so lots more will be happening.. ANyway, till later... L8a Days...


Blogger Locustlawn said...

We'll believe it when we see it, Matt!!

2:31 a.m., February 17, 2007  

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