Sunday, March 04, 2007

What a Weekend!!!!!!!

Wow!!!!! Its now Sunday morning.... 6:50Am.... I ... Wow, I don't know where to start this whole thing... OK, Lets try friday... OK so....
Friday I woke up at like 2ish, got a phone call from Travisty at around 3:30, got picked up around 4:00PM.... We had to drive around the whole fucking city to get everything we needed for the show that night... Aka pick up his drum set, the amps, the boxes, the merch(Yeah I'm the Merch guy at the Firebrand Shows now!!!!). So yeah, during our drives they (Fernando and Travisty) had to get me as drunk as possible, so we had to stop many times for beers and so on.... Then we went to the show at around 8:00-9:00 .. I don't overly remember... But anyway yeah, so we got everything set up, and the show went on, and fuck man, The Firebrands were by far the best band there! Like, they were 3rd last to play out of 6 bands, and I swear, once they finished their set, the whole whole place cleared out!,, and I mean CLEARED OUT!!!! it went from prolly 150 or so ppl, to literally a dozen!... So anyway, we had to stay till the very end of the show anyway just because the bands were using some of Travisty's stuff... SO anyway, this whole time I'm watching this smokin' hot redhead... I reconized her from the Firebrand shows before, and shes one of Travistys girlfriends' friend... So Travisty offered to let me crash at his place.I asked Travisty if he could possibly drive me home in the morning... LOL, that wasn't going to happen!!! They pretty much kidnapped me(Yes the used the specific words of "KIDnapping" just because I'm "soooooo young" lol... so it turns out Travisty is 26, his girlfriend is 33.
Saturday morning Travisty, his girlfriend and I all went out for breakfast... and who did we meet up with? CAM! lol, so that was cool... then after breakfast where do we go next? Of corse the liquor store! Fuck man, I'm going to turn into an alcoholic or something soon! So yeah, after we got lots of booze we went out to Darren and McKaylas place to drink,,, Keep in mind this is all at like 2PM,,, Got super drunk there, then we decided we were hungry, so we went to a buddy of Darrens new Bar... And I guess it just opened last night, and they wanted anyone who knew how to play Rockabilly to come and play... So we got Fernandos base and Darren's guitar and went down there and jammed till 12... Had a good rest of the night, and went home the next morning sometime... I have no idea what time... So yeah, that was my awsome weekend.... L8a Days


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wooooe! Matty member that "keep it between us thing we have?" uh huh Glad the whole world knows where and how many times we do it!! sheesh

1:31 p.m., March 22, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

holy editing, well, thank you for taking out the specifics. xox

12:31 a.m., March 26, 2007  

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