Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Morning...

Yup, it's now 7:15 AM on Sunday morning... the day after St. Patties day.... So yeah, I'll start with my weekend... So Friday I woke up at like 5PMish.... Travis called me and said he was gonna pick me up and we were going to go to the Starlight Room... So after I drank a shitload with Dollar and everyone here at home, Travis picked me up at 9ish,,, Then we headed to the Starlight Room.... Met up with Teri, then headed back to Travis place afterwords.... Stayed there the night with Teri and them, ,, Then Teri went home at like 7AM, so I slept in till 10ish, to which I woke up and watched TV at Travis's place till like 2PM when we decided to go to Fernando's for a bit till we decided we were all ready to head to Red Deer. So around an hour and half later of driving we arrived at Red Deer,,, Got shit set up for the show,,,, then went to a friend of their's place till around 9ish,,,, Then we headed back to "the Zone" that's the bar they were playing at.... Watched the first 2 bands play... .Then it was time for the Firebrands.... And I must say, it was a fucking wicked show@!!!! It sounded so crisp and so clean! But anyway, the fucking crowd was lame as hell,,, and the people in Red Deer are fucking SKETCHY!!!!! But anyway, after that, we headed back to Nick's place for like 10-20ish minutes, then I hopped in McKayla and Beefy's car for the long ride home...... And when I finally got home at like 4:00ish AM, and went down to my room, what do I find? FUCKING RICHIE SLEEPING IN MY FUCKING BED!!!! I'm still fucking pissed at that shit, because I'm pretty fucking sure that I locked my door before I left on Friday, which means they broke into my room... So later on 2day I'm going to buy a new lock for my door,, one with an actuel Key, and I'm going to lock it anytime I'm not in there..... Fucking bullshit man.... Anyway,,, Everyone was still up and kicking so we partied till around half an hour ago.... Well ppl were slowly dying off anyway as time went on,,, Jake was the first, well after Jason Kookler and Richie that is.... Then J-Rod went to bed,,, Then Barett, Dollar, Rebecca and Geoff..... So that left Matt and Brad and I.... Matt being brads co worker from the casino..... So yeah, he just left at like quarter to 7AM or so.... and Brad just went to bed there like 10 mins ago.... SO that leaves me,,, still up, waiting for fucking Richie to wake up so I can rip those sheets off cuz he's one dirty mother fucker, and put new sheets on so I can fucking head to bed for some real sleep,,, first real sleep in a few days... cuz shit, I did not sleep well if at all at Travis place...... SO anyway,,, I'm just trying to kill some time here,, and shit I know no ones going to be up for quite some time..... FUCK I hate fucking drunk people/.... Fuck I'm glad I don't drink much anymore..... Fucking drunks are soo fucking stupid... Of corse there was drama 2night.... Fucking Brad went on a rave about how Geoff is a control freak (TO WHICH HE FUCKING IS), then after I listened to the whole thing I started to go downstairs to only find out that Geoff is standing on the stairs listening to the whole thing, then he goes downstairs and blurts out "I hate when ppl don't have the balls to say things to your face" and I'm just thinking like... "wow I fucking hate people who ease drop like fucking pussy's ,,, But I'm pretty damn sure he'll forget about it, but if he doesn't, well I'm going to fully back up Brad, cuz shit, I know everyone in this house knows that Geoff is a totall fucking control freak, and Honestly I'm going to be glad when the fucker leaves... He thinks hes fucking god in this house... Like FUCK OFF!!!! theres no fucking parents in this house...we're all fucking equal, so he should stop pretending he's sooo fucking special.... ANyway, I'm kinda looking forward to what is going to be said 2morrrow, cuz they were all fucking trashed out of thier minds, and I was sober, so I'm the only one who really knows what happened and how everything went down,,,, So we'll see what happeneds I guess...... But yeah, I only had 1 Vanilla vodka and coke. and 1 Becks.... and that was at like 11PM, so I really wasn't feeling anything by the time I got home, and I didn't drink anything while I was here.... So yet again, I must say I was the ONLY sober person.....Anyway, so yeah, that was my weekend. lol, shit, anyway, I'm going to have to find something to do for the next few hours till all these fuckers wake up..... and if anyone tries to even come in my room when I kick richie out and try to get me up, I'll be soo fucking pissed cuz Im not going to be getting up..... So yeah, with that, I'm done... and I'm going to try to go to look for something to do... L8a Days


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