Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Growing up

Man, Growing up is a hard thing to do... Seriously, Who says you have to grow up?When do you have to grow up? why do you have to grow up?
I think Growing up is overrated... I mean yeah theres lots of upsides to it, most likely more upsides to down, but still...
I only write about this because I was listening to a Thursday song and one of the lyrics was "We grew up to fast" and I've been thinking about it for quite some time now... man,,,, I grew up too fast... I know that I still have lots of growing up to do, but shit, I took on too much too fast... I've been an adult for 2 years now... Seriously,... Everyones been asking what its like to be 20 now, and fully an adult... I was like, well,, nothings changed... I've been an adult since I moved out when I was 18... Its not like I have more responsibilities now then then....I still have to clothe myself.. pay my own bills, feed myself.. take care of myself... But anyway I'm straying from my point here.... My point was that sometimes I wish I could just go back and do things...almost more childish.... I know I've done lots of stupid childish things in my life... but I just think that maybe I shouldn't of moved out west, and left my life behind... Cuz really thats what started it all.... when I came out here, thats when the PEI life went to shit for mostly all of my friends, and its when my life begame even more dull and repetative... If only I had of held on a bit longer on PEI,, J-Rod moved to town like a month after I left... Pat and Jamison just moved into their house when I left... I could have moved in with them.... Fuck man, Where would I have ended up if I had of chose that path?
Ahh well, I shouldn't play the "where would I be today if I hadn't....." game... shit man, I could be soo many different places if I had of made just a little different choices.... Fuck man, I still wonder to this day where I'd be if I never started smoking weed.... Fuck I coulda been great at anything! Thats why I gotta quit the shit, and start going to a gym... Ahh well, time will tell... anyway, I should get going for work, its like quarter after 2.... L8a days...


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