Monday, June 25, 2007


Holy Fuck...... I don't even know where to begin with this dude... Like Seriously, that fucking guy is driving me fucking crazy!!!!! Just every little fucking stupid thing he does, or doesn't do for that matter... Like, holy fuck dude, I've been fucking taking care of that fucking moron for ,,, wel pretty much since we met at like age 4. and the stupid fuck doesn't show any thanks whatsoever!!!! like shit dude, he was going to the store on Break one day last week, and I asked if he could get me 2 energy drinks., he said cool and got them... but when he came back he was like "thats 15 bucks dude"... I kinda looked at him funny for 2 reasons, a) I buy shit for him all the fucking time and never ask for it back, and b) The drinks are 2 for 10$$, so it woulda came to like maybe 11 $$... So anyway, that kinda really pisses me the fuck off, considering that when Teri and I went to the liquor store 2 weekends ago and asked everyone if they wanted us to pick them up anything, J-Rod asked me to get him a 15 pack of beer,,, and I fucking did.... Do you think I got any fucking money back from that? NOT A FUCKING DIME!!!! Then he has the balls to ask me for that 15$ I still "owe" him... Shit dude, I swear to god, if there was some crazy way to find out how much we've each spent on each other total through our whole lives, I'd be atleast double, maybe tripple what hes' givin' to me..... Ohh fuck, I could go on about this stupid mother fucker all fucking day long, but I know it would only piss me off more for work. and he pisses me off way too fucking much at work to be mad now... So, I'm going to smoke a quick bowl, relax and listen to some tunes.... till later... L8a Days


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