Thursday, June 21, 2007


Holy fuck, I am so tired!!!!! Dude, I spray 50 lbs of powder, BY HAND!!!! .. shit dude, that was the longest 8 hours of spray ever!!! dude and this piece is so weirdly shaped that you can't get the right stand off distance and everything... like what a bitch it was.... But anyway, I hope Paulie and J-Rod finish it 2night/2day. that means that there will only be 1 left after that...And it doesn't help that it needs to be worked on 24/7 till its done... Because if we let it cool less the 100 degrees the coating will crack... Fuck dude I hope J-Rod doesn't fuck it up... Danilo and I were so close to finishing too,,, I mean, I know the coat was very inconsistent, but we had some good build up of 16 tho..., that's 16 thousands of and inch... I know, 8 hours and we only put the thickness of 3 hair strands together on it... and how many pounds of powder was that? 60 mother fucking pounds!!!!! so you can probably imagine how big this thing is... its probably only around 8-9 feet tall. maybe 3 feet wide... but its like a quark screw... or 2 pairs of scissors ... Anyway, Very awkward to spray, and nearly impossible to keep the perfect stand off distance of 9 and half inches... and the angles... shit man, its just a hard piece... But its cool that I was picked to help do it. along with 5 others... 8 hour shifts, back to back, and we're hoping that'll be enough... then we get to do the next one right after... What a bitch eh?,, its just so loud, and hot, and dusty, and muggy, dirty, Like shit dude, its probably so bad just to stand in there, let alone exert yourself.. and Man, its a fucking workout!!!! Like, ok, well the gun shoots at 700 feet per second, so your trying to combat the pressure of that, plus you have to wave this thing at the piece while keeping a perfect distance away.... FUCK DUDE!!! 10 minute spurts are fucking exhausting!!!! Once you pass the gun to the other guy you walk to the huge fan and take off all your gear(Respirator, glasses, ear muffs, ear plugs, gloves)and sit in the nice cool night air for 3-4 minutes, then suit back up and go check the parameters, and powder flow, as well as the carrier gas gauges, and adjust them accordingly if needed....
Anyway, got distracted,, Brads home... so I'm gonna head out, L8a Days


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