Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Yeah, so its 7:30ishAM,,,, I got home at around quarter to 7. Yeah, well, it was a good day at work and everything, except certain ppl piss me off, but hey, thats life, and my job, so who cares I guess... but yeah, so I thought Jake and Geoff were coming in for 4AM, so thats why I stayed,, but they didn't show up till 6AM, so that was kinda cool, had a nice little 14 hour shift 2day.... Then the fun started,,, J-Rod didn't go to work so it was just me there at 6AM, so Jake gave me the keys and said I could drive his car home. So I figured SWEET!!!! maybe he doesn't know that I don't have my lisence... But anyway, regardless of that, he let me take the car... and man, It felt soo good to drive again!!! Shit dude, I don't even remember the last time I drove a car... It's prolly been years... But yeah, anyway, I'm gonna ask J-Rod if I can drive to work later on 2day. Just cuz its fun... well, that and he can't drive very well... at all...

Wow, I just kinda got really stoned and did a whole bunch of other stuff and tottally forgot about this, but its now 8:09AM, so I'm going to bed... L8a Days


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