Thursday, July 05, 2007

MY EYE!!!!

Fuck,! so shit dude,,, its now like 9:16, but at like 4:30(half an hour into work) I get something in my eye,,,, so I go to the bathroom and check it out... Yup huge piece of metal in it!, like right on the color part of my eye... So I go to the hospital, wait for around 2ish hours for the doctor, he gets it out... then I come home and get royally baked!!

Wow, that was last night... I managed to forget about the blog, and just go to bed but antyway, I have a few things to report... J-ROD is and IDIOT!!!! Fuck dude!! So yeah, the whole my eye incident happened yesturday and just as James dropped me off at home, I ask him(mental note that this is the last thing I said to him) Can you make sure J-Rod gets my energy drinks and brings them home? James says ok no problem, so I figure sweet!, no one will drink them.... But of corse its not James that I had to worry about... he told J-Rod to bring them home... and yet, this morning when I see J-rod, what does he say when I ask him if he brought my energy drinks home last night? Oh yeah, I forgot man,,,, Like holy fucking shit! that guy fucking forgets everything!!!! Man, he forgot to turn the cooling on when he was spraying his peice, not once but TWICE!@!!!! Broke the machine both times, 1500$$ to replace BOTH times!!! Like how the fuck can anyone trust him with anything!?!?!?! Ohh yeah, and remember that time I was pissed at him because he "charged" me like 15 $$ for 2 fucking energy drinks!?!??! Well, he went to the same place we ALWAYS go, and how much were they yesturday?!?! the SAME FUCKING AMOUNT THEY ALWAYS ARE!!! 2 for 5$~!!! seriously, how the fuck did he think that I wouldn't notice that i'm short 2 energy drinks and have to pay 10$ extra? So what did I do to combat the situation this time??? Got him to bring me the mother fucking receipt! Eat it whore!!!@! Fuck, dude, that guy pisses me the fuck off... then on Tuesday at work, I ask him if he wants to stay late.... hes' like, well how late... so I told him straight up, that I was staying till 7:30AM and I would take Jakes car home... he was like, ohh man I think thats why I'm soo stressed lately... I was like. Why?!?!?!! and he says it was because of all this "spur of the moment" stuff.... DUDE!!! Staying late at work is causeing you stress??? when you do it under your own free will??? Like what the fuck??? Anyway, I'm going to stop talking about this stupid mother fucker before I get too carried away here... so till he pisses me off again, or I find something else to bitch at... L8a Days


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