Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday Morning before the boat trip...

Well, sorta before the boat trip.... well yeah, its 5:27AM... I just woke up from a little "nap" I guess,,, I went to sleep at like.,, 11ish? so I guess I got a good 4-5 hours of sleep... anyway,, I'm not sure it was because I was excited or just really drunk/stoned that I passed out... but anyway it was good,, we went to Jakes place, played some frisbee with a bunch of ppl.. had a few drinks,, it was a pretty good time.. came back to the house,,, ordered some pizza,,, and once I finished that pizza,, I crashed hardcore!!! and thats what leads me up to now.... had a little puff a minute ago just to maybe get ready to go to sleep... I may just pack a few things now for the boat trip.. instead of leaving it till the morning, I could do pretty much all of it right now.. but man, am I ever friggen lazy right now... .,,, ... ,,, .. , man, I think its going to be a nice day out today.. its already bright out... 5:33AM and its bright!... I hope its like this the whole boat trip,,, but its best not to be optimistic... you'll only get let down... Anyway,,, I was lookin at myself in the mirror today, and wow is it ever fucking sad how fat I am now... once this boat trip is over, I gotta do some serious working out!!! no way do I wanna go back to PEI lookin like this!!! and I'm back down to 150lbs again... man I fluctuate way to much in weight!!! like every second or third day I'll way 4-10 lbs more or less... its fucked up..... so I'm also going to be starting an eating schedule!!! I have my workout plan already mounted on the wall... its not that extensive,,, but its pretty straight forward... I'm planning on working out 5 days a week, monday thru friday.
Anyway,, BOAT TRIP!!!,, so thats gonna get started today.. Dollar and I plan on heading out of here by like 1-2 PMish... get to Hinton for 4-5ish, proly faster on Dollars driving.. then Pineau wants to take us to Jeremy's to shoot off some guns, which would rock!!!! then we'll be staying there the night.. then heading out early in the morning!!! so yeah, I'm pretty sure I should be getting some sleep here now,, so with that, I'm going to end this one,, and I'm pretty sure I won't be writting any time on the boat trip, but ya never know,, our boat does have a dish, and I know a few of the people going are bringing their laptops, so maybe... maybe... anyway, till the next time... L8a Days...


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