Thursday, December 11, 2008

Weird Dream...

So wow, I just woke up, its 2:00PM... and man did I ever have a fucked up dream last night!!! Ok, its going to be kinda vague , just cuz it is in my head,,, but, somehow I was on PEI,,, and uhh, its slidding,,, but somehow, this chick tells me that she had my baby, and she doesn't want to look after it so I have to.... I'm not sure exactly how that all played out, but it was kinda wierd/cool,, I had to take care of this baby all by myself... like she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it... But its wierd because I felt like I really did want to take this baby in... and the wierder part is that everyone was supporting me.... for some reason alot of this dream took place at a place that looked like bluefield for some reason.. not sure what thats about... but yeah... thats about all I can rememeber,,, but wow, that was some fucked up.... But I kinda liked it... that wierd or what?


Blogger David G. said...

Family is Comin' ta Gitcha!! ...Matt!!

6:37 a.m., January 05, 2009  

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