Friday, December 30, 2005

Uhh Now I remember why I left PEI....

So I woke up pretty early 2day, well sorta, I went to bed at around 5 something yesturday morning, and woke up at around 1ish... went to the comp to talk to some ppl.... ok things are cool whatever... then I go check Morgans blog , just for shits and giggles like I always do when I have some spare time... and I read on and on, and I seee something.... kinda gets to me.... but hey, fuck it.... I knew it was going to happen, I just tried to think it wouldnt.... ahhh well.... I guess you can only get soo attached to someone.... its just too bad they cant be as attached back.... I mean seriously.... I waited those 2 months I was in Edmonton for her... fuck I was planning on waiting the next 5 months that i'll be there for.... but no, I dont really need anymore.... Anyway,,, so yeah, after I found all this out I decided to go over to Pat and Jamisons place and have a drink... so I mixed around half of my quart into a glass, and topped it off with some pop... it was pretty rough... but it felt soo damn good afterwords...Anyway, I ended up passing out at like 4:00 and missed some family dinner thing that my mom told me I had to go home for, but sadly to say, I was passed out.... then I woke up at around 8.... felt pretty damn shitty... had some hoots and a couple bouls... then ran to the bathroom and hurled my guts up... infact I ended up hurling 4 times... felt relaly really shitty.... anyway... I only got home like 20 or so mins ago and its 4:35AM now..... on friday.. YES FRIDAY!!! I'd say it'd be wicked to go out 2night... but I cant fucking go out on PEI... fuck, I guess I kinda do like Edmonton... This Island isnt doing it for me anymore.... I thought I missed it... and I do miss certain things... but I came home for all the wrong reasons.... I orrignally wanted to come home to PEI for christmas to see Laura....Now look at me.... I've been hanging out at Pats place every day.... havent seen much of my family at all relaly.... Saw a few of my other friends.... but I still havent seen Laura... and from the sounds of things, it doesnt sound like she really wants to see me either.... which brings me back to my point of me coming home for all the rong reasons.... infact,,, I kinda cant wait to go back... fuckkk, I'd rather have nothing, no friends , no nothing and just go back to work at Inotec..... Fuck this PEI shit... Everyone was right when they told me things were going to be way different when I got back from such a "long" trip... fuck off, I didnt think things wold be this fucked up....why should I come back now? really? Everything I thought I had,,, I dont... Uhhh, my stomac is feeling pretty shitty again, im going to head to bed, fuck it... l8a days..


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