Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Yup so its true, I've been home for 3 days now, and wow, what a 3 days....... I've been just chillin at Pat and Jamisons place every day and night, saw jarod 2 of th enights and shit, it was fucking awsome to have the whole group back 2gether again!@!!!! Fuck its good to be home!!!!! BUT..... I only have 7 days left... and I havent seen anyone besides Pat and them.... Like,,,, I really really really wanna see Laura before I go back.... evan if its only for a second, but yeah..... shes the person I thought most about when I was gone and I still havent talked to her since i've been here.... fuck, and the wierd thing is I even talked to Morgan already.. she came over for frigs sakes.. but anyway, im sure i'll see them both again before I go back.. Morgan promised me that we'd go drunk sledding anyway... so i'll hold her to that.... But anyway,,,, Yeah, Vacation is going well... like I said, i've been gettign pretty messed up at pats house, good tiems like old times.... but yeah, thats pretty much it.... So yeah, I guess till the next time.... l8a days....


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