Thursday, December 15, 2005

In Alberta

Yeah, I know i've been here for almost 2 full months now, but I only checked my e-mail twice the whole time I was up here, and I dindt really have much time to write anythign on this, infact, I have to go pick up my pizza right now, but yeah, Im here in Edmonton, chillin and such,, I have a wicked job as a Thermo Spray Technisian at a place called Inotec.... I live with Chris W. and my brother...w e're getting alogn well.... anyway, im hopefully going home for christmas... ah fuck it, I am goign home for christmas,,, I'll be home at around 10:something on Christmas day (Sunday the 25th) and Im leaving back to Edmonton on the 5th of January... Hope to see some of my friends(all of them) and yeah... Pizza time. L8a days...


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