Thursday, October 27, 2005

I hate moving!!!!

Uhh, so my room is empty again.... fuck, I just finished moving everything I own back to my rents place, well almost everything. Everything except my bed,5 posters, my coats and hoodies, and the rack they go on... So besides that my room is empty!!!,. all my shit is now at my rents place. kinda sucks.... but hey, fuck it... So yeah I have all my stuff moved, well mostly, and all my bills are taken care of... So Im ready to go... Im getting a ride in wiht Adam 2morrow for work, Then I think im going to go to the house for the night 2morrow night. Get up for work at 9 the next morning... then work all day and either go back to the house and stay the night there, or go back to my rents place for the night and start pakcing all of my shit... So yeah.. I dunno really what to say here... I havent done anything in the past like week, all I do is smoke my face off all day as I work, then come home... play some video games and smoke my face off again... then I do the same the next day... But anyway, this or maybe 1 or 2 others might be all the I write in here before I leave, so I guess L8a days... Ohh yeah, I recently found out tha tmy mom found out my blog adress.... so im going to make a new one.. To everyone... Ah well, im going to make another blog soon, actuelly right now.... L8a days...


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