Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Aug 8... Zoa's B-Day!

Yup, so its Zoa's 2nd Birthday today!!! Man, Time flies!!!! Shit and shes' not even my daughter but I've seen her grow so much already! Anyway, thats just a starter subject I guess...

Holy Crap is life ever taking a turn..... I just don't know what to do anymore..... Like the house I'm in is kinda driving me crazy right now.... My brother comes out here in like 3 days... I'm really not looking forward to going back to work... Teri might be moving to Nanimo.... Fuck dude, I just don't know what to do anymore.... Fuck man, some days I just wanna snap the fuck out of this stupid depression stage and get my fucking life back on track... and really, I don't know why I haven't already.... It's just so hard to change like that... I mean, I know everyone says start small and just working on accomplishing small things first... then everything will come together.... Well, Theres so many things to change I don't know where to start... It might be that I want to change too many things... Because, To be honest, I really don't like the person I am right now.... Some people like me, some people hate me.... but when it comes down to it all,,, it shouldn't be what other people think of you... its what you think of yourself... and I really don't like the person I am... It's almost like I'm wasting something.... I know I'm wasting my physical and mental abilities every day!... I just need to find something where I can exert both of those to my full capacity!

Man, I miss Tony!!!! Fuck dude, I miss that guy so much man, it fucking sucks! I didn't even get to know him half as well as I wanted to.... Like, shit dude, Tony and I only became really good friends/brothers when we started smoking pot and shit,,, like I never really hung around with Tony for longer then a few weeks at a time since he's moved out like 6-7-8 years ago.... Fuck dude, it just sucks because he's like my idol and I never get to see him anymore! The next time I see him will most likely be Christmas.... like how fucking gay is that!?!?! 1 full year will be the time gone past since I'll see him....

I gotta get another tattoo soon!!! I have my feet/shin tattoo designs done,, I just need to do them to scale, then go to the shop,,,, where ever , and when ever that may be.... I need to start getting bigger for my arm/back tattoo... That design needs some tweaking.....

Anyway, I know I've been jumping from random topic to random topic, but I was kinda drifting in and out there,,, Anyway, till later... L8a days..


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