Monday, August 13, 2007

A Good Weekend....

So here it is Monday morning... 8:30 AM,,,, Teri left a little while ago, so I mad some breakfast, and decided I'd write a blog before I went back to bed for a few hours.... Well maybe,,, if I sleep at all..

So yeah man, I went' camping this weekend with Teri... And I must say I had a pretty good time.... like all in all,, it was a fun time!... So the girls that went (Teri and Zoa, Leslie and Haily, Heather, Sherry and Seren) all went out on Wednesday day, so they were camping for 2 days before Travis and I got there..... Ohh shit, but yeah, when Trav and I were driving on our way to the campground, the fucking car died!!! it was kinda funny and shitty at the same time.... but it was all good because he drank a few beers, and I had a doobie while we tried to fix it for a while, then when we decided to start walking, we only made it about 100 meters or so before this car stops, and turns around and starts coming towards us... So they tried to help us out with the car for a little bit, but we had no success, so these 3 guys give us a ride to the campground!!! so that was fucking cool man, we had a few more beers with them and stuff before they left, and then Travis and I took Teri's car to his broken down car to get the rest of our shit!... So then the rest of that night we all pretty much just drank our faces off at the campfire... smoked a few more doobies with some of the girls.... Then Saturday when I woke up we had breakfast at about noonish to 1PM... had a shower and all that jazz.... Then we went down to the was pretty nice, just played some Frisbee for a little bit, had some food and stuff... then when we went back to our campsite (Teri and I had 1 campsite, and The rest of the girls had another campsite...)and had a little nap... Then when I woke up I went to the girls' campsite to join in on the campfire festivities.... Then I had the bright idea to make some shroom tee... So I did,,,, so stealthily I crushed some shrooms up and put them into my tee ball and boiled some water and poured myself a small little cup... the tee ball was bearly fully covered in water... so I slowly sipped on that for a while by the fire with everyone having a good time... then when I finished my first cup (and wasn't feeling anything) I decided to start another... so I got the water and some more shrooms, and did it up... sat down by the fire.... had like anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 before I totally just started to trip staring at the fire and stuff,.,, Then Trav looks at me and says "Dude, can I have some tee?" so instead of making him his own cup, I just cave him mine and walked away to Teri and I's campsite....woke her and Zoa up(because she asked me to when everyone else was eating) So they left and I stayed there by myself for the longest time man,... trippin' balls!!! man, it was such a good time,,, smoked a few doobies to myself while I was trippin'..... Then Trav came over and got me,so we both went back and chilled with the girls,, of course they all knew by that time... but it was still a fun time!!! They were all drinking and singing and partying and stuff, so it all fit,,,then we eventually went to sleep and woke up on Sunday and tore the whole camp down and packed everything up and left.... Teri and I showered and stuff when we got to her place, had a little little nap... then we came back to my place and slept here for the night.... Thus bringing it up to now so with that... I'm out... L8a Days...


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