Sunday, October 16, 2005

turns out my pants are waterproof!

Well, I just got home from work(its now 9:21, and I went to work for 10 this morning) and its pouring out! Like sheets of water coming down at a time. Anyway, my legs are dry but the 4 layers I had on my upper body(a t-shirt, a long sleeve, and 2 hoodies) are all soaked!!!! but hey, its only water, so fuck it.

SO this weekend was prolly one of the worst ever. Fuck. Like fuck. Fuck, I had such high hopes for it. Like I planned out what I was gonna do on friday for a good while now, I was just gonna invite Laura over, have some chinese food, watch a movie maybe 2, ya know just enjoy the night, try to make it somewhat different from normal,(considering the whole 5 month thing) but those plans fell through,,, I was kinda really pissed, but I got over it after a couple drinks that night... But then on Saturday, she doesnt even look at me? or even try to talk to me? that kinda irked me a lot. And now 2day(sunday) same thing.... So.... I dont know, im assuming the worst here, but really I dont knwo what to do, so,,, what am I gonna do? the same thing I always do when shit goes rong, im gonna get fucking drunk and hope I forget about it, but then 2morrow when I wake up and feel like shit all day at work again... lol, uhh god, same shit day after day after day... ... Man I cant wait to get out of here.Fuck. I had everything in the summer. Like honestly, this past summer was proly the best 2 months of my life, I had a sweet place with sweet roomates, plus it was only like 3 mins walking distance from work, a steady job, an awsome girlfriend that I saw every day..... And now look at me, I live 15 mins biking distance from work, shit hours, no friends, one shitty room mate, one ok one, no friends, and now most likely no girlfriend... hahahah, I hope its true what they say "Its only after you've lost everythign are you free to do anything" because i've really lost it all now...


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